Education & Experience: 


Kellie wants to live in a world where nail polish doesn’t chip, memories were never forgotten and teddy bears could talk. As a stylist, her work has been showcased on the beautiful people walking the streets of Sacramento. From the stay at home mom to the top business executive, she makes them look and feel their best by feeding their soul and designing a style that fits their life! She brings to the table not only the love affair she has with her craft but over 20 years of extensive training from AVEDA and Vidal Sassoon. She is a lover of the human connection one builds with their hairstylist.


When she’s not making people look and feel gorgeous, you can find her being a mama to her three boys and getting the occasional downward dog pose in; she has yet to perfect the eagle pose, but trusts one day it will be there for her. Her next project is to work on becoming an educator for AVEDA, the company who holds her heart. This is a work in progress but hopes for this in the near future.


Kellie, Master Stylist