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Hair Services

Continued education is the key to our salon success. Each member of our team possesses a high degree of skill in their craft, which translates to a higher standard of excellence and creativity. We indulge our guest with more than just a hair service; at Strands we provide a unique ritual. All hair experiences include a wonderful refreshment, an Aveda stress relieving scalp treatment or hand massage, followed by Aveda’s signature products. We use 97% to 99% organic plant energized hair color infused with conditioning plant oils. We finish with an Aveda make up touch up for the ladies and follow up care for all guests. This is extended to you, our guest, each time you visit Strands Salon and Spa.



Haircut l $60 and up                          

Suds & Style l $40 and up

Upsweep l $70 and up                          

Botanical Hair Conditioning l $20 and up                         


Full Highlight l $120 and up

Partial Highlight l $95 and up

Mini Highlight/Kiss of the Sun l $80 and up

All Over Color l $100 and up

Touch Up Color l $80 and up

Balayage l by consult

Ombre I by consult

Glaze l $40 and up

Dimensional Color l $15 and up

Color Correction l by consult



Permanent l by consult

Relaxer l by consult

Straightening l by consult




Discover a hair extension system that goes beyond length—to volume, thickness, color, confidence. Natural-looking volume and thickness where you need it most. Seamlessly blends with your own hair, thanks to two different lengths and a color palette that matches our Aveda hair color. Easy to apply, reapply and care for—thanks to our innovative tape system. You can use your extensions up to two applications giving you an affordable option. Immediate gratification—the extensions are kept in-salon, so there’s no ordering and waiting. All ethically sourced and manufactured. VoMor lasts up to 4 months and pricing starts at $200. Consultation required.


Call your preferred location today to arrange your FREE consultation!

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